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Trust Administration

When creating your trust, it is important to consider who you will entrust to fulfill your wishes when you are no longer able to make your own financial decisions. Electing a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary to serve as the trustee or successor trustee of your trust ensures that the terms of your trust will be followed, and your assets will be protected. Additionally, it may help to prevent familial conflict and administration errors that so often arise when a family member administers a trust. We have experience with all aspects of trust administration including; marshaling of assets, selling real property, preparing and filing tax returns, avoiding unnecessary tax bills, keeping detailed records, maintaining transparency and communication with beneficiaries, preparing a detailed accounting, and disbursing money to beneficiaries as instructed by your trust. Our expertise limits the additional cost and time necessary to fulfill the terms of the trust.

Probate & Estate Administration

Oftentimes, the court will appoint us to administer an estate. We have experience will all aspects of court-supervised estate administration including; marshaling of assets, paying outstanding debts, selling real property, preparing and filing tax returns, avoiding unnecessary tax bills, keeping detailed records, preparing court accountings, and disbursing money to beneficiaries.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Administration of a Special Needs Trust requires knowledge of the specific requirements related to the administration as well as empathy and compassion for the beneficiary. We begin by performing a thorough assessment of the financial and personal needs of the beneficiary and then use this information develop the appropriate plan of care. Our management of a Special Needs Trust not only addresses the financial needs of the beneficiary, but the personal and emotional needs as well.


When an individual is no longer able to manage their affairs safely or appropriately, the court may appoint a Conservator for them. We are able to serve as advocates and protectors for Conservatee’s, while protecting their autonomy.

Fiduciary Accounting Preparation

A fiduciary accounting provides a detailed report of all of the transactions associated with the trust or estate assets, reconciled to the exact penny. It allows the beneficiaries and/or the court to have a clear understanding of how the trust assets have been managed during the accounting period. We are proficient in the preparation of fiduciary accountings.


We are California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries specializing in Trust Administration, Probate & Estate Administration, Special Needs Trust Administration, Conservatorships, and Fiduciary Accounting Preparation. Patterson Fiduciary Service is a boutique fiduciary firm that specializes in handling difficult and intricate cases. We pride ourselves in being powerful advocates for our clients and their assets. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience serving clients with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities. We look forward to meeting with you to develop a plan of care unique to your needs.

Ronald Patterson

As a Professional Fiduciary for more than 30 years, Ron has been fortunate enough to participate in the evolution of this profession. Ron took part in creating the first licensure examination for California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries, and was previously the President of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC). He takes pride in knowing that he and other California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries are held to the highest professional standard.

As a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Ron has the knowledge to interact with individuals of all needs and abilities. He and Nicole utilize this expertise when creating each client’s individualized care plan.

Nicole Patterson

Growing up with a Professional Fiduciary as a father provided Nicole with the opportunity to meet and build relationships with most of her father’s clients. As Nicole learned about the important role her father played in his client’s lives, she knew that she wanted to become a Professional Fiduciary someday, too.

As a younger California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Nicole offers the unique security of longevity. Younger clients, or those who choose to utilize Patterson Fiduciary Service sometime in the future, can feel secure knowing that we have a succession plan in place to be there to serve you or your loved one for decades to come.


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